Tuesday, 3 July 2007

What is DiSCuS?

Detach yourself
Create space

Could be a mantra. Or list of principles. Or a strand of DNA. Or you could just consider it a base instruction, like that used by each individual insect in a swarm. If each individual ant or wasp follows its set code of behavior, then the swarm will build a towering hive with intricate galleries and ventilation ducts and hatcheries. Each individual has an instinctive role in this labyrinth.

Or just consider it your own private Constitution. One you can refer to time and time again when you need guidance in interpreting the swarming labyrinth you've found yourself in: work, finances, family, clubs, friends, hobbies, diets, books to read, jobs around the house, that bookshelf you meant to build, your community, emails pending ...

Like now, when I can pull back from the mess at work (on my desk), slow down the pace a little, create an open space to breathe and see what really is important, and then simplify it.


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